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10 Tips to a Healthier Life

1. Exercise Regularly

2. Eat Healthier

3. Drink Water

4. Find time to relax

5. Kick a bad habit

6. Set goals

7. Spend $ modestly

8. Celebrate accomplishments

9. Work hard play hard

10. Floss EVERY day

Healthy Living: The Vision Behind Healthersizing

The vision and idea of "healthersizing" your life came to me after watching the movie Super Size Me, written and directed by Morgan Spurlock. If you have yet to see the film I will give you a brief overview. Super Size Me is a documentary about the fast food industry in which the main character limits his food and drink intake to anything from the McDonald's menu for 30 days straight. Spoiler Alert! The outcome for the main character was a severe physical, mental, (and I would argue financial) collapse.

Well, my thoughts were if 30 days can make such a dramatic negative impact on someone's life, couldn't we find a way to create the complete opposite effect by essentially healthersizing our lives?

Balanced Lifestyle

Everyone has a different perspective of what exactly a "healthy life" is. When you think of a balanced and healthy life what do you think of? Most individuals attribute a healthy life to eating right and physical fitness. The perspective from a "healthersized" point of view is that maintaining a healthy life goes beyond just physical health and includes mental health and financial health.

When bringing mental and financial health into the equation you are balancing some of the most important aspects of your overall well-being. 

Physical Health + Mental Health + Financial Health = Overall Wellbeing

Physical Health

Anything that has to do with your body. Physical Health encompasses fitness, exercise and other bodily activities. Physical Health also addresses the types of foods you eat or don't eat.  

Mental Health

Mental Health is your state of emotional well-being.  Your mental health may be significantly effected by your physical and financial health.  There are many tactics you can use to stay mentally satisfied.

Financial Health

Having good financial health does not mean you have to be rich or well-off.  Financial Health in the sense that I use it has more to do with the way in which you spend your money.  Modest spending is important for even the most successful person.